Whanganui hospitality sector making gains following lockdown

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13 July 2020
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23 July 2020

Consumer spend data from Marketview shows that Whanganui hospitality and accommodation businesses have seen significant consumer spend growth following the effects of lockdown.

For the past six weeks, consumer spend among Whanganui hospitality and accommodation businesses has been higher than it was for the same week last year. The most recent report for the week ending 5 July saw the sector’s biggest gains yet, up 12.6% compared to the same week last year. Overall spend in Whanganui was up 10.2% for that week, while the overall national spend was up 3.9%.

Paul Chaplow from Whanganui & Partners says this is great news for the local hospitality sector, which was badly impacted by the restrictions around COVID-19.

“With limits on inter-regional travel and requirements for social distancing, accommodation and hospitality businesses weren’t operating at their capacity, which meant lost income even as the rest of the economy started making gains,” Chaplow said. “It’s really encouraging to see the sector is still showing strong momentum.”

Chaplow says hospitality businesses are closely linked to the visitor industry, and attracting more visitors to Whanganui will be a key part of the sector’s recovery from the lockdown period.

“It’s a very competitive space right now, with every region vying for domestic visitors. Whanganui & Partners has put a lot of energy into promoting Whanganui as a destination, and it’s good to see that effort reinforced with spending results,” Chaplow said.

“I also want to encourage locals to keep visiting Whanganui businesses. Try a new restaurant or meet a friend at your favourite cafe. Every time you do, you’re supporting both a local business and our community’s overall economic recovery.”