Recovery phase underway for Manawatū District Council after lockdown

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7 July 2020
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14 July 2020

Manawatu District Council’s recovery phase following the COVID-19 pandemic is underway with three campaigns focusing on the social, economic and rural environments of the district. The campaigns are running simultaneously with the aim of mitigating the impacts of the Level 4 lockdown and helping businesses and the community return to business as usual with more information to be found

Pride in Our Land
Farmers and those in rural communities were doing it tough due to the prolonged drought season and COVID-19 was an added challenge. Pride in Our Land aims to support the rural community in Manawatu as the effects of the drought will last for some time.

Ongoing support will be offered by Manawatu District Council and other partnership agencies to provide farmers with events, workshops and professional information that will help with their mental health and well-being.

Pride in Our Economy
Whilst the economy of the district was in relatively good shape prior to lockdown, businesses and households have been affected by the impact on the economy that COVID-19 has had.

The focus of the Pride in Our Economy campaign is to support businesses and households by providing guidance on support services available and what assistance can be offered. There are many agencies that Manawatu District Council have partnered with that provide professional information, such as CEDA who can offer business growth advice and guidance.

Pride in Our Community
The lockdown also highlighted social challenges facing some families and wider communities, as they were isolated from their support networks for weeks. This was especially true for elderly people who were forced to stay home and separated from friends and family for longer than everyone else.

Many people have lost income or their jobs in the aftermath of COVID-19, which has compounded these social challenges. Pride in Our Community aims to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive and that no sectors of the community are left to languish unsupported.

The three campaigns are designed to help those people who need to get back up on their feet to do so, whilst also building resilience and adapting to changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has created.

Events associated with each of the campaigns are available from the campaign websites and they’ll be posted by Manawatu District Council on their social media and in Our District News.