Campaign launched to support Tararua district

Taskforce created to support the region’s social and economic recovery
1 May 2020

As we leave Level 4 of Covid-19 lockdown, it’s vital we help local businesses recover by wholeheartedly supporting them.

The Tararua District Council is promoting #LoveLocalTararua, a campaign Eketahuna Community Board chairman Charlie Death believes will be key to the future of our district.

“I’m sure we will be resourceful and find our way through, but if you want local businesses to keep going you’ve absolutely got to get out and use locals,” he said.

Death said there should be an emotive connection to supporting local from everyone in Tararua.

“We’re communities who support each other and that’s more important now than ever before,” he said.

Tararua District mayor, Tracey Collis, acknowledges we are all adapting and operating in a new normal.

“Financial stress will impact our families, communities and businesses for some time to come as we deal with the impacts of Covid-19,” she said. “I am very proud of how innovative and adaptive our businesses have been to embrace and implement changes to their operations.

“It gives me great hope that we are preparing for a new era with agility and creativity. “But they need our help which is why council has launched #LoveLocalTararua.” Remembering some of our businesses are unable to operate until Alert Level 2, Collis said they need our support more than ever to re-set, revive and flourish.

“Be proud when you shop locally, knowing you are supporting our local people, our businesses, local employment and our local economy. Quite simply – you are putting food on the tables of our own people living in the Tararua District,” she said.

Council is 100 per cent committed and focused on enabling the recovery of our local economy. “We will play our part as one of the largest contributors to our economy with employment and contracts,” Collis said. “Fortunately, the Tararua District is well placed for recovery with much of our land in food production along with a strong manufacturing sector.”

Stephanie Buckeridge, the chairwoman of the Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce, said #LoveLocalTararua is an excellent way to grow the profile of Tararua businesses.

“Many of us know Dannevirke’s High Street businesses, but a lot of Dannevirke people probably don’t know the wide range of all that is on offer elsewhere in Tararua. Bringing us together to create awareness on what’s available is more important than ever if we want to grow and flourish,” she said.

“To do this we need to support each other. The Chamber is thrilled council has taken on this opportunity, using the resources they have. We’re thrilled #LoveLocalTararua is happening and we’ll be encouraging businesses to use the imagery to promote themselves as local.”

Buckeridge said the Chamber will be looking to see what they can do to help council promote #LoveLocalTararua.

“I see it as a never-ending Keep Calm promotion where we are encouraged to shop locally for good, with a better opportunity for new businesses to grow with us all shopping locally,” she said.

Tararua District councillor, Shirley Hull, chair of council’s economic development, said council’s #LoveLocalTararua is “significant.”

“This is in touch with what our community is looking for,” she said. “It’s been hard yards for our communities, suffering lockdown fatigue. Some businesses have been battered by the lockdown and now it’s time for us to get out of the online mindset and ring and connect with locals. If you ring somebody local and talk to them, you reduce that fatigue. Chatting makes connections. If local people can connect to local businesses they will make an impact on our local economy.

“Kiwis are very good at innovation and entrepreneurship, with innovation now more important than ever.

“When you’ve had your back to the wall, you come out with a different perspective,” she said. “Businesses are going to have to be really brave with how they operate into the future and our community is looking forward to leadership at this time.”

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